a powerful magic: the gathering card that destroys every creature in play, including your own.

wrath of god has been included in every core magic set since alpha edition in 1993 and is a staple of control decks that run white.

considered the ultimate white card by many, wrath of god has become a tradition in magic core sets and may truly never leave the standard format.
the control player tapped out on turn four and asked his opponent, "wrath of god?"

his opposer nodded, scooped up his three creatures and placed them into his graveyard.
by mike mihealsick November 06, 2007
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the immediate feeling of disgust that comes over any male after they've achieved orgasm from having sex with a fat girl.
Dude, Cosmo must have felt the wrath of god after pounding out that four hundred pound single mom.
by sin city bags July 08, 2009
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The Result of pissing off a women of any sort, especially one that is pregnant, menstruating, or finding her man has been unfaithful.
"oh shit girl, you went wrath of god on him didn't you?"
by tiitansilver November 03, 2015
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