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A collection of 77 (as of this writing) annoying users who decided to DDOS Genmay after they were caught trying to watermark as their own a picture from a Genmay member.
Worstluck will soon be facing legal action for their denial of service attack
by Qapf February 10, 2004
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when you walk into a room and everyone gets bad luck. most prevalent in indians and asians. is easily transferred by anal sex usually to small asian girls.
i gave tina the worst luck when i fucked her with my 7.57 inch cock. yeah yeah yeah yeah fuck me with that rich cock
by worstluck November 21, 2010
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Similar to bad luck but a lot more worse than that.
Sam: Hi, I am going to play Fortnite.
Geoff: Ok, hope you’re going to have worst luck winning.
Sam: You do know that worst luck is like 5 bad lucks together.
Geoff: I know that, The odds of you winning is 100/1.
by Salt0727 July 17, 2018
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