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A good choice for those who are tired of using lame affirmations, like werd.

It's like alphabet soup, but better.
"Hey bud we're gonna go get a few beers, you in?"
"Oh, wordsauce!"
by Lutherrr March 30, 2007
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extreme satisfaction when said and often used in agreement to another persons comment. mostly used my laxer bros or just all around cool people. (a saucier way to say word)
First use

First person:Yo i got with like five chicks last night
Second person: thats word sauce bro.

Second use

First person:You tryna lax all day
Second person: yeah word sauce man
by popacherry July 21, 2010
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Developed from the use of "word" as a response with essentially unmatched versatility in meaning. Illustrates the users inability to convey his or her reaction to another's statement in a reasonable period of time; thus, emitting such varying responses simultaneously would result in a nonsensical conglomerate of noise, much like ingredients mixed into a concoction of some form (in this case a sauce, for poetic effect).

Can also refer to a state of mind experienced while under the influence of sleep deprivation, intoxication, etc.

Can be used as an alternative to an explicative if the user is in sensitive company (e.g. children, supervisors, etc.).
Doctor "Alright Bill, it turns out that she did in fact have herpes and genital warts like you were assuming, and which you now have as well.
Bill "Well that really sucks."
Doctor "Well yes, but the good news is that we just found out you have testicular cancer and will die in about two weeks, so you won't even have to worry about it!"
Bill ".....Word sauce."
by Aelianus December 03, 2011
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A nerdier way to say "word".
Person1: "Man we have a lot of work to do... math homework, physics lab, philosophy quiz...we're screwed"

Person1: "Wordsauce"

Person3: "STFU"
by LurkerPatrol February 05, 2005
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Much like the term "Word", "Word Sauce" is often used as an agreeable response to a comment.

It's believed to have started among groups of snowboarders and skateboarders in Northern New Jersey.
Person 1: Are you ready to leave this party and go to the bar?
Person 2: Word Sauce.
by greendevilvt January 12, 2010
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