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(noun) A mindless, thoughtless piece of shit who has no regard for the English language and demonstrates it frequently by leaving off modifiers such as adverbs and other word endings rendering them incomplete in an effort to sound cool or "hip". Worderer also applies to assholes who misuse or substitute and replace words that sound similar, also known as 'Bunkerisms' as in Archie Bunker from the 1970s CBS hit sitcom.
Example 1
Steve: Hey man, did you see the meteor shower last night?
John: No. I slept through it.
Steve: That's too bad. It was incred, Bro; beyond spectac. The whole show was a real sight to behold. Quite invig. Don't I speak like a douche?
John: Why, yes you do! You're such a worderer (as in word murderer).

Example 2
When the man in the restaurant began to choke, AnnaMaria shouted, "Does anyone know the Heineken remover?"
by GlindaTheGoodBitch January 23, 2015
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