someone who is with good with words, people with high verbal ability
deep learning vs crypto is a clear divide of rotators vs wordcels. the former offends theorycel aesthetic sensibilities but empirically works to produce absurd miracles. the latter is an insane series of nerd traps and sky high abstraction ladders yet mostly scams
by frankie116 December 23, 2021
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Absolute nonsense. Equivalent to a cat walking on a keyboard, but from people who spend much time thinking about how smart they are their brain melted.
Why do wordcels win head to head fights with shape rotators? Shape rotators spend 90% of their time rotating shapes and only 10% wordcelling; wordcels wordcel 24x7. Asymmetric warfare, outcome predetermined.
-Marc Andresson
by tom_why_u_do_dis February 3, 2022
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