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When you are editing a paper or any text on a computer and instead of deleting the whole world you are replacing, you instead delete only the necessary letters and fill them in with letters to make your new word.
When she typed, annie was always word recycling. While she typed, she erased the 'i' 'v' and 'n' in the word 'relivant' and added a 'ed' to the end to make 'related':

by <3 pantie <3 March 09, 2010
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In compound words, word recycling constitutes the removal of extra letters from the separate base words so as to shorten the spelling of the compound word without compromising readability.

Thus, "cellphone" becomes "celphone".
"Word recycling is part of the new wave of super-efficient language skills."

"She was just being lazy and word recycling everything."
by Gunther Hayes December 12, 2008
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