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Generally used to describe the most interesting people in the world. Kind, courageous, oh so funny and terribly strong. Superhuman-like qualities. Good hunters.. Sharp yet blunt. Indefinable yet somewhat obvious. Mysteriously affable in nature. They seem like family but only if you like your family. Always the most loved of all their friends. Everyone wants to be a Woodske. Very good at complex hand-to-hand combat moves, interpreting art and public speaking. They always know what animals are thinking.
An affectionate term. Oh you are the're such a Woodske.
Adds emphasis to a sentence. That pizza was Woodske!
Comparative - You are a pretty good wood carver, but you'll never be a Woodske.
Describes a hidden talent... I didn't know you could do the Woodske.
by Chevapottamus January 03, 2011
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