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Last resort public highschool for all the kids that couldn't get into Carr. Asians fill the school. All the ugly people are in relationships. The gr 12 go for gr 9 & the gr 9 go for anyone. Maybe 20 hot girls & there usually with the hot assholes. teachers are all assholes about uniform and no one goes to class. Beefs in the parking lot & field. And most of the school is all cousins with eachother. And everyone says there gunna leave but never do.
Guy 1: yo that grade mine is so hot

Guy 2: yeah bro she gave me dome at this party then madeout with my bestfriend

Guy 1: actually woah dude Hook me up

Guy 2: but I think she's running brains in my friends basement right now

Guy 1: dawg only at woodbridge college
by Quitebitchyounevernotice February 22, 2014
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