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Womp Chode is a word used to originally describe members of a college intramural basketball team that was started in 1972 at Utah State University. Womp Chode has been further been expanded over the last 16 years to include members of a shadowy, yet elite, trout fishing organization known as the A.W.F.E.. The A.W.F.E. convenes once a year at discrete locations throughout the Western United States to participate in what has become known as The Trout Slam.
1."Are you going to the big game tonight? “Its the Nerdy Mormons vs. the Womp Chodes in the Nelson Field House."

2."Did you hear that Freddy kicked ass again in the Womp Chode Trout Slam, winning by 1/8th of an inch?"

3. “Did you see this years results? Womp Chode Bill lost by 1/8th of an inch again!”
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