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Womp Chode is a word used to originally describe members of a college intramural basketball team that was started in 1972 at Utah State University. Womp Chode has been further been expanded over the last 16 years to include members of a shadowy, yet elite, trout fishing organization known as the A.W.F.E.. The A.W.F.E. convenes once a year at discrete locations throughout the Western United States to participate in what has become known as The Trout Slam.
1."Are you going to the big game tonight? β€œIts the Nerdy Mormons vs. the Womp Chodes in the Nelson Field House."

2."Did you hear that Freddy kicked ass again in the Womp Chode Trout Slam, winning by 1/8th of an inch?"

3. β€œDid you see this years results? Womp Chode Bill lost by 1/8th of an inch again!”
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