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A group of people who formed a sort of 'wolf pack' on the site Neopets in the forum, EMS, evil monster sightings. They Roleplayed as their fursona wolves and often acted far from the real deal wolves. After numerous frozen accounts and text blocks they left Neopets and instead used Freewebs to continue their pack. There they stayed being invaded by the occasional AOW member or nuisances such as Moon and King.

AOW and WPP have a long history of being resentful towards each other like packs will fight over territory. Though sad to say that WPP has for the most part become a lost pack. If you happen to stumble upon their main site you might just see a member wandering about.
Wolf Paws Pack forever.

WPP goes down in history as eternally greater than AOW.
by A former member March 28, 2007
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