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WoMensch is a women who is good, and kind, and generous and loving - unconditionally. She is sexy and vibrant, She carries the world on her shoulders, and yes, most definitely, the world is stuffed into a big tan Coach shoulder bag. She also accessorizes. Her favorite accessory being pearls, opera length. She often wears worn-out black knee length Frye boots and jeans, and on occasion - like a bar mitzvah, or film opening - she will wears heels: louboutins, blahniks, prada. She likes sketchers for everyday wear. She gives credit where credit is due, takes no prisoners, is kinder than kind, and prefers plain milk to half & half in her coffee.

She drinks Savnignon Blanc over Chardonnay, and LOVES bowling.
She loves Billy Joel, The Pointer Sisters, Adele, Whitney Houston, the Doobie Brothers (with Michael McDonald) the Rolling Stones, Wilson Phillips, Levon Helm & The Band, Laura Nyro and Bette Midler.
She can be convinced (over a nice wine) to love Janis Joplin, and The Beatles.
She adores George Clooney.

He's a mensch.

She will offer a hand, a shoulder and a couch if needed.
Oh, my God ...she was such a goddess WoMensch! Did you see how she handle that devil-doll, Brianne? She was so calm, and kind, and supportive. "First we eat, then we talk."

She used all her Jew-Zen skills... along with some fabulous hand gestures.
by Bella Lotus May 08, 2013
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