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abbreviation for " word not yet invented "

can be used when you dont have the space to type or write several descriptive words on a subject

or when you see something so fucked or disgusting there is no amount smutty insulting swear words to describe it

or all the words you can think of still are not enough to describe what you want

or when you are too fucking lazy to type / write all the words you want to describe the person or situation and so forth
i saw this video on youtube about a home invasion on a 90 something year old ww2 vet and his 80 something year old wife by 5 armed ( wnyi ) people that beat the couple to unconsciousness and raped the old lady and she died the next day what a bunch fucken aborted infected pissflap santorum licking sloppy end of a dirty glory hole scrotum sucking diarrhoea drinking scumbag fucken piece of shit sons of junky whore bastard donkey fucking fucks who should be made to live in the tank of a porta loo being shat on for the rest of their lives and if they caught fire wouldnt deserve the common decency to be pissed on to be extinguished six week old undi scum festering malaria encrusted shit holes they are !

or in this case wnyi cuz that still wasnt a good enough description
by frank schlovanvic April 25, 2012
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