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An emotion, concept, or idea for which there is no proper word in the English language.

For example, schadenfreude is a German word which refers to pleasure at someone else's pain. There is no equivalent of schadenfreude in the English language unless one borrows it in conversation (as loan-word). Thus, the concept of schadenfreude would be a wishword in the English language.
Person 1: I don't care about winning the marathon so long as I don't finish last.

Person 2: I know what you mean. There's gotta be a word for that feeling. What is it?

Person 1: Actually, I don't think there is a word for it. It's a wishword.


"Wishword" was a wishword before this post.

"Let's not use any wishy washy wishwords" - quote from a possible future sitcom whose producers will be legally obligated to pay the owner of this account royalties if they use this term.

Account owner can be reached at boston (dot) bruin (at) yahoo (dot) com.
by TheRussianDorito August 05, 2017
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