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A seemingly wise statement that upon further consideration is found to be utterly stupid or false. Must be spoken as if obvious despite not being obvious in the least.
Latoya: Everyone cheats at one point or another so who am I to judge

Deandre: Real talk, that's some wisdumb right thurr.
by bilz25 June 12, 2011
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The art of being "the fool."
I got through the problem using my infinite wisdumb.
I couldn't understand the issues without my wisdumb.
by Ken Loyd July 06, 2006
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The opposite of ‘wisdom’; unwise, ignorance and very very DUMB!
The sad thing is that dude thinks he is spreading his ‘wisdom’... but is actually just yapping WIS-DUMB!
by Major Thomas Randle December 02, 2018
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