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A term used to identify the type of person who can be seen in rice fields growing and of course, picking rice. The person usually wears a big and round bamboo straw hat. They can usually be seen eating rice with a pair of chopsticks. Their abnormally large front teeth and slanty eyes are used to warn other species that approach its territory. This specimen worships the ancient and poweful god ning lai for the hope of a good harvest. An expert in boat craftsmanship, fishing and enjoys the occasional viewing of Hi-5.

NOT to be confused with the mating sound of a donkey.
Also a close and loving relative of fob
Person 1: Hey look isn't that a wiong I see at the rice store?
Person 2: Nah dude that's just Wiong the fob
Wiong: O RRY? LOL
by orrylawlcakes May 12, 2009
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