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Winston knoll is a growing school of about 1000 students. This most northern school is located in Regina, SK. It includes a small variety of students. 90% of students are Caucasian, the rest include a small number of African, Asian, and East-Indian peoples. This school is out most dominated by the white culture. Along with this, there are different types of behavior among certain people, also known as "cliques". I will not go into great description, but generally these groups include: preps/jocks/joes whos territory is the commons. skaters, who rule the outdoor skatepark. Stoners/smokers who dominate the outer 'A' door decorative rocks. Emos/goths/life-stylers who find their place in every crook and cranny of college halls. Lastly, are the solo/loners who do not have their place. This is a description of only the people that inhabit the school. Knoll has much to offer.
winston knoll collegiate is located on rochdale
by namham July 15, 2009
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