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Winfixer, Errorsafe,ECsecure, DriveCleaner, Privacy- Protector, SysProtect, Systemdoctor, Winantispywarepro and WinfixerPro2007 are similiar programs which claims to be spyware and virus removers. Thay usually shows up in Internet Explorer as popups telling you that your computer has been running slower lately and that it might need a scan. If you click on the <OK>, <cancel> or <x> button, the program will install itself, sometimes withut you knowing it. It´s important to know that Winfixer is NOT an antivirus-program, in fact, it has turned out that it let other viruses in, which in the ending can lead to a systemcrash.
the ordinary tip is to press <ALT>+<f4> a lot of times, maybe pull out the internetconnection before the program has installed itself
<girl1> oh no! I got linked to Winfixer´s website and now my computer is acting weird and i keep on getting stupid viruses all the time!!
<girl2> oh no, i told you not to use IE!!
<girl1> but i have mozilla firefox!
<girl2> ... :|
by mjaoo August 15, 2007
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