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winexcore is hiphop and alternative rock put together. see Gym Class Heroes. a winexcore band would have a dj and guitars. winexcore also has synthisisors. i don't believe that it has drums, i think thats where the synthisisors come in....although i could be wrong. winexcore is a fariley new thing, and is not really quite established. winexcore is also for poseurs. many winexcore kids thingk that they are punk or hxc, but in reality, are just cuntfuckers.
winexcore kid 1: hey, i just finsihed listeneing to gymclass heroes!! i am soo punk!!!! we are totally harcore!!

winecore kid 2: yeah totally!! hey somes two poseur hardcore kids!!!

hxc kid1: eeew. poseurs. they're stupid winecore kids. the only reason they listen to that shit is because they are stupid and follow every underground trend that ever pops up.

hxc kid2: yeah...what losers.
by kaytxcore September 13, 2006
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