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an imbecile, one that typically portrays himself to be a normal human being, however has many things wrong with himself. Which includes, but not limited to the following: (1) Receiving a score of 2/30 on any sort of exam (2) lying to his friends about his where about (3) pleasuring himself by eating out his girlfriend (4) wearing a towel on his person, generally around his waste, because of an unapparent insecurity (5) making bold faced lies, that are clearly not true (6) masturbating to pornography at 4 AM while his roommates are drunk in Mexico (7) using the same dance move, no matter the beat or song
Sam is a win2 because he claimed he had 9 shots of his moms Jack, but clearly didnt, because he didnt display any signs of drunkeness
by Rob Kopp December 03, 2006
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