A term used in trading card games to describe a tech that isn't necessary and in practice is redundant for the deck it's being used in. This is because the card doesn't actually fix a matchup or help achieve a win condition that the deck can't achieve with out it.
Person 1: "I'm trying to figure out if this card is worth including in my side deck"
Person 2: "I think that card is super win-more, in my experience the matchup goes like this... And you don't ever need it"
by CrackPlug February 19, 2022
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Win more is a term used for when you are already winning but then do something that would be considered as a bad play, just to flex how much you're better than the opponent. This term is often used in videogames.
Winning Guy: I could go for this play just to win more but I'd rather play it safe.
by Pilot1404 November 9, 2019
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