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Wilx (will'ex):

1: The personification of shady, off-color, generally illicit, and usually illegal. While usually small-time, Wilx activities run across the entire spectrum of criminal activity, from running illegal cock fights to conducting bank heists.

2: The act of conducting such activities as defined in #1.

3. A hideous drunk sex line of ugliness beyond which ordinary people will not cross.

1. Hey, I saw Wilx dealing 3-card Monty down at the Greyhound station a few hours ago. He didn't have any broken limbs yet, either!

2. I'm going to pull a Wilx on Best Buy for sure! I'll bring back an old shoe in this hard drive box, and I bet they won't even open it before they refund my money!

3. Man, I got really drunk last night. But at least I didn't get Wilx drunk!

4. Foamy green discharge, crabs... I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT!
by TProphet June 06, 2006
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