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A combination of Russian Roulette and a drinking game except with a Nerf Gun and beer. It was created in Willets Hall 3rd South of Swarthmore College. Prepare for glory.

Add the foam bullet in the barrel and spin. each person takes turns pointing the gun at himself or at another player. If he kills himself, he takes a sip of beer. If he chooses to shoot an opponent and kills him, that player must sip a beer. If it is a miss, the opponent has the opportunity to either continue with the barrel (not spin) or spin the barrel and shoot back at the first player. If it is another miss, the gun continues in order to the next player, with no additional spin. If the player is killed without spinning the barrel beforehand, he must take two sips. If he is killed with a spun barrel (therefore reset and 1/6 chance) he must take 4 sips of beer. Play until everyone passes out besides the last man standing.
by Willets 3rd South September 20, 2007
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