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A shy girl who has a huge heart but is sometimes afraid to show it. She's super weird, and always has a lot on her mind. A hopeless romantic who loves the idea of love, but is afraid to plunge into it herself out of fear of getting hurt. Has a deep sense of empathy and love for all people. Wears her heart on her sleeve and can sometimes be mistaken as naive, but is really just a dreamer that sees the beauty in everything. Feels misunderstood at the worst of times and yearns to find somone that may understand her different thought pattern. A person who loves unconditionally. A person who would do amything for friends and family. A person who will offer a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen when you most need it. Someone who's amazing, but if you knew the real her, is horribly misunderstood. Adventurous, lovely, beautiful.
"I hate that girl."
"That's just because you don't understand her."
"No it's not, that's bullshit."
"No that's just Wilea."
by Riley Empathy January 11, 2014
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