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Unlike the Desert Yeti and barwhore, the Wilderdonkey may look like your girl next door and seem to be as sweet as apple pie. But when give the chance, the wilderdonkey goes completely dickcrazy and will stop at nothing till she has had her fill.
You may at times see a ring on her finger but that is only when the wilderdonkeys longterm mate is around.

He is probably a marine stationed in 29 Palms and after being in this enviroment for any amount of time they tend to act like wild animals!

The wilderdonkey doesn't need any mind altering substances to go on the hunt. It is programmed in her mind to climb on the first hard stick she comes across.
You can normally find groups of wilderdonkeys standing around the Break N Run, The Stumps, and the Yucca Valley Wal-Mart.
"Man I see that chick with a different marine all the time"
"Dude! That's no chick, that's a wilderdonkey!"
by n2deepamy July 13, 2009
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