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Wikimagvag the term used to describe a somewhat alarming phenomenon in romance novels. In these books the protagonist's unique lady parts are able to heal other people's marriages and transform unfaithful abusers into docile husbands.

The terms "magic cooter," "super hooha," and "magic vagina" have also been used to refer to this phenomena. The protagonist's breasts (otherwise known as "globes") and her vagina (otherwise known as her "honey-oven") are the typical magical lady parts that consistently tame wild men and heal marriages.
In Judy Blume's book Wifey, the protagonist, Sandy, sports a magic vagina that, among other things, has the ability to restore destroyed marriages to pristine condition. Another highly unusual aspect of her anatomy is its ability to experience multiple orgasms without any sort of excitement or stimulation.

According to sources, the wikimagvag may have been the key to Lazarus' rising from the dead.

It has been rumored that renowned magician Criss Angel will attempt to make himself disappear while utilizing a super hooha on public television in late 2011.
by RBRs August 14, 2010
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