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A confidence breaker; snitch; a whistleblower.
Having a tendency to spill the beans on a private matter.

An "untrustable" person, organization or website.

Steal, obtain by stealth, unknowingly be compromised with major consequences.
A flimsy proposition; easily seen through.
var. wikileaked, -ing
" Lately, Joe's become so wikileaky that I can't trust him with any secrets! He makes Benedict Arnold look like a patriot!"
"Don't go onto that website, man! They'll just wikileaky your stats and hack into your hard drive!"
"That wikileaky Sarah wikileaked me to the big boss about my taking 20 extra minutes at lunch yesterday. Man, am I toast!"
"That whole setup sounds so wikileaky to me that we're all gonna get in trouble!"
If you publish that wikileaking report, we're all finished!"
by Juan O'Malley January 03, 2011
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