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A wiki-hangover (alternatively, wiki hangover) is when you wake up in front of your computer with a stiff neck, bloodshot eyes, and a headache, from looking at your computer screen for too long. You vaguely remember the night before, looking up something about planetary motion. From there it was the Fleet Satellite Communications System, and you have a blurry memory of global cooling. Based on your open tabs, it appears that at some point during the night, you got up to stumble across aquatic gastropod mollusks before passing out again. You swear to yourself, "Never again."

Oh, you'll hold out for a day or two; some people even last a week. But at some point, you'll get a little red notification on the globe at the top of your Facebook screen, and somebody will post a link on your wall, saying, "Hey, this is the article I told you about," and before you know it, you're right back on "the glow." Oh, one article won't kill me, you tell yourself. Maybe just look up one or two things mentioned that you need some background about before you can really understand the one your friend sent you. But that's how it starts. And you can learn to recognize the signs.
"Oh, dude, I was bored last night and thought I'd hop online, and this morning I woke up with the WORST wiki-hangover."
by this-is-ridiculous January 22, 2012
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