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Losing your Wii.

1. Usually it is becuase you or one of your wiim breaks it.

This can be done by:

A. Hitting it with a wiimote after the strap breaks.
B. Tripping over, and falling on, it.
C. Knocking it over in an over zealous game when it's in the up-right position.
D. Throwing it out the window in anger of it giving you Wiibow only agravting the injury more.
E. Attempting to insert bologna inted of a WiiD.

2. You can also be wiitowed by having to give it to someone else.

This can be done by:

A. Betting it in a game. (Usually betting on a game on Wii Sports that you're positive you've mastered, but lose because you've rather been hurt or the other person has hustled you into thinking that you're better.)
B. Offering it to your girlfriend when you forget her birthday. (This is often because you'll think she'll say, "No, that's okay." but instead she takes it and sells it on Wiibay or gives it to a young male relative).
C. The cops come and wiiposess it. (Said like reposess. Usually after you have stolen it.)
D. Someone breaks in and steals it from you.
E. You take it to someone's house, and it is passed beteween so many people that you can never find it again.
"DAMN YOU Wii Tennis!!!!!"
**Throws Wii out the window**
"Wait! Why did I just do that?"
"Man, you just got wiitowed!"

"DAMN YOU Wii Tennis!!!!!"
"I believe the bet was your Wii for whoever wins, out of five."
"Screw you, Mike"
**Throws Mike out the window**
by Jizzle Fo Shizzle November 08, 2007
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