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A person who thinks that the Wii will flop. Often talk about how it is for little kids just because it has games such as Mario and Zelda. They often have lower IQs and haven't bothered to learn anything about the Wii. If you encounter one of these simply point out that the most hardcore genre isfps and it is ten times better on the Wii. If they continue to diss the Wii then point out that racing and fighting games are ten times better also. Many of them will continue to rant on about how it's for 3 year olds even though you provided proof.
Wii doubter:The wii sucks and is for toddlers

Wii player:really then why is the most hardcore genre best on the wii?

Wii doubter:UUHH 'cuz it's dumb and for little kids.

Wii player: what the hell are you talking about the wii is for adults AND kids.

Wii Doubter: UUUUHH (falls over from a brain overload)
by theslin December 27, 2006
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