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White suburban male or female that strongly believe that they are african american. Not to be confused with a white male or female that actually grew up in the inner city. Some comparisons of the two so you would not be confused if confronted by either; a wigger will often wear fubu or sean jean because they believe it to be "fresh"; an inner city white kid may be found wearing a long tee shirt and baggy pants but said shirts and pants will be blank and one solid color, if colors are mostly red blue or black watch what you say because you'll be fuckin with a real gang banger.
Wigger/Wiggete: Man that sucker rolled up on me and thought he was about to blast at me or some shit

Inner City Kid: you must be the most ignorant fuck ive ever met matter of fact back off before you know what it actually feels like to get blasted at.
by Terry tack August 05, 2006
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