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The act of trolling an area with your laptop in hand trying to pick up a free WIFI signal.
I went wifishing in my friend's apartment but the only signal I could catch was in the bathroom.
by BroncoBingham April 11, 2006
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The process of searching for Wi-fi. Or the act of searching for Wi-fi in public places such as Starbucks or Mickey D's, usually involves walking the perimeter of your property in search for Wi-fi.
Person 1:I caught a god damn Wi-fisher in my backyard slowing down my internet!!

Person 2:Yeah fucking Wi-fishers are all over

Example 2

Person 1:Where were you yesterday? I went to your house twice.

Person 2:I was Wi-fishing, I found a sweetass spot on my roof, 11 Mbps

Person 1:Fucking Wi-fisher!!!!
by Treez, And Isaac May 06, 2010
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Constantly trying to get a wifi connection with your laptop.
Joe got wifi by standing on the top of his bed after constantly wi-fishing.
by xxKoRuPtxx July 09, 2009
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