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(noun) a woman who could have been your perfect match if circumstances were different/more ideal
**Inside Trader Joe's - Breakfast Aisle - Friday 5:45pm**

Max: Whaddya think, Tim? Organic Cinnamon Spice Oatmeal or Fat Free Blueberry Muesli?
Tim: Go with the Muesli. Oh shit! 6 o'clock by the avos. Don't look now...

**Max peers sneakily over his shoulder at an elegantly dressed woman inspecting the heirloom tomatoes**

Max: Damn. If I wasn't dating Ashlee and I actually had my shit together, I'd be all over that.
Tim: Hashtag wifey from another lifey!
Max: Seriously!
Tim: We need to get jobs...
by Maxwell Dope November 12, 2013
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