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The wienersaurus is a creature from the Paleolithic era that stalks the earth in search of penis. This carnivore lurks in the grey area of the binary system (falling nine times out of ten into the zero catagory) and exploits drunken men. Quick to pounce, this cock-hungry creature is anything but shy and will stop at nothing to get what she wants; penis.
To this day, it is believed that a wienersaurus hunts by detecting the motion of fleeing victems. To evade a wienersaurus, remain motionless and mute, and sneak away at the most opportune moment.
Dude, why'd you bring Lisa? She grabbed my junk on the dance floor, tried to kiss me while she was talking to me, and keeps trying to mount me whenever I sit down. She's such a wienersaurus!
Well, I figured Jonny'd FUUUUCK 'ER!

*whisper* Shhhh! Quiet; don't move! WIENERSAURUS! Maybe it won't see us and it'll go away!
by Drew Rosenhaus September 17, 2008
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