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a word used to describe an individual who performs acts of extreme wiener-mouthery
actions of a wiener-mouth can include, but are not limited to:

-having the diet of a 12 year old
-having a strange sexual attraction to Brian Wilson
-having an affinity for wieners in or around the mouth
-enjoying or being featured in the movie "human centipede"
-eating taco bell 5 or more occasions per week
-wearing chode shoes (aka fivefingers)
-being addicted to 1-900 numbers
-enjoying the consistency, but not necessarily the taste, of platypus dung
-instinctively sitting on untended eggs to ensure their viability
1. "Hey Greg, what are you eating for lunch?" "I think I'll have a fruit snack, mac'n'cheese, cocoa puff, nacho cheese sandwich with toaster strudels as the bread." "Jesus, you are a wiener-mouth"

2. "That wiener-mouth's ultimate dream would be to have Brian Wilson answer the 1-900-JIZZMEN hotline."

3. "I dont like to invite that wiener-mouth Bob out to eat. The last time he came along, the restaurant had to call the fire department to come and forcibly remove him from their refrigerator because he refused to leave the eggs in there alone."
by hairy nostril September 07, 2011
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