The online version of a high-five. Abbreviation: ((5)). If an individual expresses a ((5)), it is only right for the other person to aslo express a ((5)). If the other person does not return the ((5)), he or she is leaving you hangin because they do not share your enthusiasm.
-guy #1: Hey dude I won tickets to the show this summer!! Wi-Five ((5))!

-guy #2: No freakin way! ((5))

-guy #1: You're definitely comin with bro!

-guy #2: Hell to tha yes I am! ((5))

-guy #1: ((5))!

-guy #3: Hey can I come too?

-guy # 1: Nope.

-guy #3: ...
by LiamE February 17, 2010
when 2 people are at distance and not able to give a high five, also know as an air five.
hey kristin wi fi high five!
by peanutbutterface May 25, 2008
Jim gives a high five motion to Matt from across the room, who returns the same motion, thus completing the wi-five.
by poisonedhearts7 September 25, 2020