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Whoryness is a term used to describe people or things related to promiscuousness or prostitutiness. A person with chronic whoryness may enjoy sleeping around and could be an actual whore.
If you think you may be whory, you should ask yourself four questions;
Do I dress like a whore?
Do I have sexual relationships with more than one partner at a time?
How many people have I slept with in the past week?
Do people pay me for sex?

If you answered at lest one of these questions with one of the following answers, you are whory;
1- Yes
2- Yes
3- More than 3
4- Yes

Man- Excuse me miss, may I participate in a sexual act with you?

Woman- I suppose so, but I'm quite tired since I've participated in six acts of intercourse in the past twenty-four hours.

Man- Holy fuck, you're whory.
by Carmen Sante June 27, 2007
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