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The idealogy that when a girl is promiscuous, she is called a whore. When a guy is promiscuous, he is revered as a hero. But it is deeper than that. Just because someone does something, does that make them who they are?


Just because you look a certain way, or act a certain way, should you be subjected to name calling and labelling? We didn't think so. To overcome this, one must decide what he or she stands for. Are you a whore to yourself, others, and the world? Or do you want to save the day, put others first, and become a hero? The choice is yours. In a world where people are growing farther apart, it is important to challenge them with new ways to think. The idea of Whores and Heroes is seen everyday, but no one acknowledges it, and no one challenges it. It is up to those who feel they know who they are (even if they don't), to define themselves and think about what Whores and Heroes means in their lives.
Man: You're all just whores and heroes!!

Girl: Where do you get off saying that?
by MattyMo July 01, 2006
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The double standards states: Girls who sleep around are called whores while guys who do the same are called heroes.

We, as a society, have allowed prejudice, double standards, and stereotypes to dictate how we live our lives. We realize how flawed these culturally ingrained beliefs are, and yet we do nothing.

Now there is the opportunity to change that.

At the core of the Whores and Heroes concept lies a message; one that speaks to the revolutionaries -- those who understand that for a change to be made, it must start within ourselves.

Here is a challenge you to overcome judgment -- both in how you judge others as well as how you allow yourself to be judged.

We dare to see through these judgments and dare you to do the same. We understand that behind these judgments lie separate, unique individuals who deserve the freedom of self expression without the fear of being judged.

We are the brave, the rebels, and the visionaries. We are the ones who know a change must be made. And we are the ones who can make a difference.

Together, we are Whores and Heroes.
by The Dersk February 08, 2008
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