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1. The belongings left behind by person after a meaningful one night stand. Generally female in nature, but can go for man whores too. Women mostly because should she actually like the guy may she want to have a reason to come back or may simply be marking her territory. If neither of those is the case, she is just an absent minded jezebel, who may be losing items at many different locations.

2. The bodily injuries incurred after a night of, hickies, scratches on back, bite marks, rug burn on the knees, bruised forehead, etc. Usually unwanted by the said defendant, as they will be questioned by the significant other, or just the other usuals who are unaware of multiple whoriffic activities.
That girl I left the club with last night, she left her bra, jacket, and earrings at my place. I need to get rid of the "whorensic evidence" before my parents get here.

Man, I think I'm gonna have to start a lost and found box for all this "whorensic evidence."
by Mr. Nick Pappagorgio February 18, 2009
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