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The name given to Emma Watson's version of Hermione in the Harry POtter movies. Instead of having extremely bushy hair, and dark thick eyebrows, and not being particularly pretty, as the books say, Whoremione has slightly wavy, almost blonde hair. In the books, Hermione is a smart know-it-all with a slightly annoying, but loveable personality. In the movies, Whoremione spends her time telling Harry "I'm scared for you!" and clinging to him like static, instead of clinging to Ron, as cannon would have it.

Many teenage boys and lesbians have fallen in love with what they think is Hermione, but is really Whoremione.
Teenage boy: Oh My gosh, Hermione is, like my favorite character!
HP fan: Have you actually read the books?
Teenage boy: No, but she's HOT!
HP fan: *steams from ears* No, you actually like WHOREMIONE!!
by Suzie Collers March 01, 2008
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