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A Unix or Linix command that enables distracted postcyberpunk writers to see which username they are currently logged in under.
Once you have forgotten who and where you are, the whoami command is indispensible. I use it all the time.
- Neal Stephenson, 'In the Beginning was the Command Line' (1999)
by Lucifer B July 21, 2005
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1. To be incredibly drunk; to have consumed 9 or 10 standard drinks
2. To loose a sense of self; to no longer have an identity, but merely be a drunk fuck. See assclown
3. Suicidal contemplation: A question one asks before raising a gun to one's head and pulling the trigger
4. Puberty blues; adolescent depression; see ahma piece of shit
5. Greater than Where am I and lesser than What am I
Scenario 1:
*Reflection after Hangover*
Dude: Shit, I can't remember anything; and I think I got with a girl named Shazza. Who am I?
Scenario 2:
Prav: Who am I? *gunshot heard*
Andrew: Prav? PRAV?
Scenario 3:
Prav: I'm such a disgruce. Who am I?
Andrew: ...Go to sleep timme.
by Blackstump November 13, 2003
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a phrase made popular by BULLY from animals of farthing wood.
BULLY: who am i, who am i
RAT PACK: bully, bully
by jonno johnson January 24, 2004
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Unix and Linux command. Gives the username of the current user. Useful if one is logged in under several names and has forgotten who they are for the session.
bash$ whoami
(answer) yourname
by Lucifer1 July 16, 2005
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