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This is a question which applies to a real backwoods family situation. Not just a matter of supremacy anymore, but which of these males did your mama do the nasty with when you were procreated?
Ester; Ya'll dun wish you cud hav sum o dis?

Lem; Wull shu, dat wuld real sp'eechal, s'ept I'd hav tu ast, "who's yer pappy?" cuz we mought well be bruth'r an sis.

Ester; Shiet, that's eaaasy, thet salesman dun hit the road wif a v'ngence when Grandad ketched em wit my maw. Ain not gots tu wury, thur's his nuts stil cling'n tu a nail!
by the Toad March 07, 2011
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