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A very sheltered community of rap music involving white rappers and their predominantly white audiences who support them. White kids love white boy rap because it is easier for them to connect with and believe their artists to be far greater and more talented than their music truly is. White rappers who fall into this category generally come from enigmatic backgrounds and usually don't fit into the mold of the hip hop community as a whole. All white boy rappers are white, but not all white rappers are white boy rappers. White boy rappers are artists who aren't well known or well received outside of white circles due to many reasons.

Artists who may be considered dominant in this community include: Macklemore, Mac Miller, Asher Roth (In his prime), and less relevant garbage including the likes of Hoodie Allen, T-Mills, Sammy Adams, and other rappers from this tier of whom I refuse to mention because of their sheer lack of skill and obvious attempts at compromising the listenability of good rap just to cash in.

There are other forms of white rappers which we all may simply call "rappers." These are artists who stay true to their craft in one way or another and work to both innovate and freshen hip hop in a positive way. These rappers generally make good music which can be received well amongst rap audiences of all backgrounds and races. Some examples include Eminem in his prime, Action Bronson, as well as underground artists like Atmosphere and Brother Ali.
"I can't believe White Friend just called 2Pac wack. Who does he think he is?"
"Don't take it offensively. He probably just listens to white boy rap. I bet Macklemore is his God, and he knocks out listening to Mac Miller's Best Day Ever Mixtape on repeat every night. He knows not what he does."
"Yeah, you must be right."
by maxxdre February 20, 2014
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