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A sick new white rapper repping DC (born Steven Markowitz) and has two albums "Pep Rally" and "Leap Year" which comes out 7/26/11! If you just wanna check out some songs real quick I highly recommend "Swimming With Sharks" "Dreams Up" and "You Are Not A Robot" which are super catchy, but if you're not into that you can try his more rap-focused works too. He's gonna be big so best find out now while you can (this coming from an adoring fan) so look him up on Facebook/YouTube/twitter/myspace. Or hell, just google his name and you can figure it out from there.
"They tellin me to take the safe route but this the detour
Hoodie baby, you ain't seen a kid like this before"
-You Are Not A Robot

Me:"Damn I am a proud Hoodie Allen fan! I tell all my friends about him, cause he's the shit."
You:"I'll check him out right now, I heard he's not just another generic white rapper."
by YallLetsGetLoud July 19, 2011
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An American rapper, singer and songwriter - born in New york in 1988 at the tender age of zero.
good heavens reginald this new hoodie allen song fucking slaps
by nellaeidooh December 17, 2018
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