To be black in America gives one the ever-present feeling that you have to explain or excuse why you are occupying spaces that are meant — or feel as though they are meant — solely for white people, crouched in a posture of defensive vigilance, susceptible to the intended occupiers’ insults, condescension or violence when our bodies occupy those spaces. When those spaces are particularly wealthy, there’s the expectation that you’ll be additionally subjected to a host of snide insults or barbs aimed at your expressions of race, while asked to both stand in for all members of it and be able to joke about how you aren’t like “those people.”
Let’s find somewhere else to brunch, there’s too much white gaze in the Upper East Side.
by princessrave June 15, 2020
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The soul-piercing, heart-crushing, sweaty palm inducing, fluoride-smelling, blue-eyed, relentless stare of a 25 to 45 year old white woman.
*at work*

Kevin: "Did you see how that white woman was staring at us?"

Trevor:"Yeah bro that's the White Girl Gaze, shits haunting."

Kevin:"I fear for my life."
by BeefPiston September 8, 2022
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media from the uncritical perspective of a white female, one in particular who hasn't examined her privilege. often employs the white saviour trope, with little-to-no understanding of poverty &/or class differences; likely het & cis. often rife with internalised misogyny and coloniser attitudes. likely uses ableist terms to describe the (likely white, female, thin, conventionally pretty, etc) main character's uniqueness.

examples in media: britta from community, the help, the twilight saga
I thought I would enjoy this TV show, but its white female gaze is overwhelming. There's so much diet racism!
by seagrey August 8, 2020
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