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Unlike a "man moment" or "nigga moment", a whiskey moment is when two people who are on a purely platonic level for a variety of reasons, mutually enjoy a really hard drink over some mutually exchanged rememberence of recently learned experience through a significant portion of struggle.

Whether or not the struggle was being celebrated as a result of the very recent experience, is irrelevant. The struggle could be being "celebrated" (or simply acknowledged) as a result of struggle over the past year, or a series of struggles that haven't been acknowledged over the past several years.

The bottom line being, that the moment is being acknowledged with an influential friend/mentor-type of person in your life as a pivoting experience of your life, with goals of moving forward in a much more productive and useful direction.

Getting flat-out drunk may or may not be a part of the equation, but being responsible about your behaviour in the duration of this chunk of time is critical in defining how you will continue to successfully move forward from this experience.

If however, the problem/struggle involves alcohol abuse...the "whiskey moment" can still be represented as a metaphorical one, but acknowledging the moment with some mutually agreed upon non-alcoholic (or whiskey-flavoured) alternative, is.
"Even though he's been struggling with cancer over the past year, he insisted that we have a whiskey moment to remind me that my own life is not worth continuing to throw it away, abusing drugs and alcohol."
by Ro Nin May 19, 2015
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