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Pronunciation { Wip-Snaz|zle }

1. A cinnamon desert with whip cream
2. A milkshake with cinnamon flavor
3. Lips and Ass-Holes
4. A strong alcoholic beverage
1. Dude we need to go to the diner and get a whipsnazzle cinnamon stick.

2. Person 1- Oh my gosh! This whipsnazzle is delicious what is in it!? Person 2- Cinnamon!

3. Don't eat hot dogs they are made of whipsnazzles.

4. That guy is one whipsnazzle!

5. Person 1- Girl i have such a hangover... Person 2- What did you have to drink? Person 1- A whipsnazzle! Person 2- Oh that explains it!
by JPMAN June 10, 2013
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