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A combination of both weaboo & whigger, this odd combination is uncommon but not rare. Whigaboos can display different qualities of both weaboos and whiggers at the same time, including but not limited to: desire to be Japanese, or obsession w/ Japanese culture, with another desire to be black, gangsta, or a nigga. Listens to rap but hangs out in the japanese music chat rooms posting their freestyles while maintaining the low status similar to weaboos and the annoyance of whiggers, or even both.

A considerable population of can be considered whigaboos.

Whigaboo1: u don't listen to underground do u?
Weaboo1: You heard fukai mori? It's 1 of the inu yasha closing themes lol!
Whigaboo1: That Kagome girl is banging with that ass, I'd tap it like a Polaroid.

Also, a considerable portion of weed smokers can exhibit many whigaboo, weaboo, or whigger tendencies.
by Nitroadict March 26, 2007
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