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Whidbey refers to the largest island off the coast of the continental United States. It's located off of Washington in the Pacific Northwest. The whale part isn't what you think but has a common definition as Whidbey itself. It refers to the large woman that tend to inhabit the island. Everywhere you go, especially at night, there are going to be large women. They're known to be good at blowjobs but also a good laugh since after your decent looking, but drunk buddy sleeps with one-everyone except him in your cirlce of friends laugh about it for days and then continue to remind him here and there for a period of months.
Guy 1: OMG! can we find a bar that doesn't have whidbey whales or is somewhat exciting??

Guy 2: How about Anacortes?

Guy 3: Naw, that place is all antiqueish, full of old people and small-what about Coupeville?

Guy 2: I think we're fucked. Let's just go back and play beer pong til some navaho's look decent.
by PistolioPete November 18, 2007
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