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at the begiing of the year and in summer there was a graffitti wall here or at least on the tabs at the top. has that git from france nicked it. it was a place to kill off earthlings with out gettin in trouble, only your country took the blame. even if you didnt understand the abuse the dictionary was there as an attachment now it is like having just the handle from a broken penknife.I turned up here again and thought wheresthewallgone.
You cant sleep so you go to the wall and abuse a country who is wide awake. somebodies country did something interesting, we praised them, especially swiss nimfo nurses. You didnt register or have an entitlement to a reply. in the shit you occasionally found a golden maggot.wheresthewallgone I miss the maggots and shit.
by Danny Travers November 25, 2006
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